# Click2Go for companies

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Click2Go for companies. Simple trips for You and Your co-workers.

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You can create new account for Your company. After every rent You'll get an invoice.



Your trips in history. In app.
Time, cost, route.

kod promocyjny

Pre-paid codes

If You are hiring employees, You can order pre-paid codes for them.
One invoice. 

Click2Go gives You three payment methods.

Credit Card

Once You connect.
We charge it after every trip.


You can recharge by fast
e-transfer from Your account.


You can enter the code.
Your e-Wallet is recharged.

#How pre-paid
codes works on ?

  • Send order by app -> Kontakt
  • For ex. I need 4 codes, 50 PLN each.
  • Make a money transfer on Your e-wallet in C2G
  • You gonna receive e-mail with codes in 30 minutes.
  • Use the codes in app.


Bought codes can be use once.
Enybody can use the code.
After buying codes You gonna get an invoice.
Codes recharging users e-wallet.
Min e-wallet amount level - 50 PLN.

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#on time

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